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  • We really appreciate our tutor, she helps Vianne apply whatever math concepts that’s being covered by the teacher to everyday life circumstances. I’m a real fan of application vs rote memorization. Our tutor also has a calm, kind, clear style of teaching which I think helps Vianne. Our tutor is always checking back with Vianne to make sure she’s helping Vianne understand the concepts. Two thumbs up; thanks a lot!

    A.A., Parent

  • I have found our tutor to be consistently on time, prepared, kind, conscientious, and focused not only on the “what” of learning, but the “how”, trying different strategies to support memory retention and connections with the material.

    K.S., Parent

  • Our tutor is great! Both my girls are doing well in math and she is the reason. Huge confidence boost! Especially our one daughter as the tutor is helping her prepare for the PAT’s. Thanks, we will continue with her as long as we can!

    V.F., Parent